Bienvenue !

I am an accomplished Video Editor with 10 years experience in the TV industry. I specialise in Offline Editing in Live Action and Animation, focusing on storytelling and timing. 

At the minute I am working on the animatics of Doc Mc stuffins season 5 in Brownbag Films.

Always polishing my technical skills, along my years of freelancing I have diversified my  portfolio by working as a VFX Editor, an Assistant Editor and a Dailies Operator. 

At ease in the Edit Suite, I like to build a dialogue with the director to deliver the best show I can. Always working to tight deadlines and delivering top quality work, my key strengths are strong creative and problem-solving skills !


What Can I do for you ?

Dailies Operator

On set I work closely with DITs to ensure all datas are secured and backed up. Then I transcode and do a QC on  all the rushes to feed Editorial and Production with bins and mxfs. Weapons of choice : DaVinci Resolve / Assimilate Scratch

Assistant Editor

As an Assistant Editor, I’m happy to deal with syncing of all the cameras, and to export and ingest .edls, .aaf and .xmls. I will also keep the bay ready for the Editor so they are at ease cutting the show/feature. Weapons of choice : Avid MC / FCP 7

Offline Editor

My speciality: If you give me a brief or a script I'll be really happy to craft a story. Creative and able to work under pressure, I love to extract the best parts out of long interviews, as well as editing with or without music. Weapons of Choice : FCP7 / FCPX / PP / Avid MC

VFX Editor

As a VFX Editor / IO Coordinator, I'll conform the edit received from Editorial, keep everything up-to-date, liaise with Editorial, do the plates and finally deliver the compositions to the client. Weapons of Choice : Nuke Studio / Hiero / Shotgun / REDCineX


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